Digestive Nutrition Clinic - Services

The Digestive Nutrition Clinic is excited to provide the public with readily available information on gut health and nutrition. We believe collaborative partnerships with like-minded professionals create an accepting environment for consumers to consider the benefits of low FODMAP as they pursue a healthy gut diet.

  Contact us if you are interested in any of the following:  

point 1  A private consultation with our experienced clinical dietitian and FODMAP expert Aliki Economides, M.S., RDN, to help you with your digestive troubles.
point 2  Speaking engagements on gastrointestinal health and nutrition.
point 3  Articles on digestive nutrition and gut health.
point 4  FODMAP-friendly product development and promotion.
point 5  FODMAP recipe development for the food and beverage industry.
point 6  Any other opportunities related to digestive health.