"Since I started the low FODMAP diet with the guidance of the Digestive Nutrition Clinic, my symptoms of IBS-D have subsided dramatically. I feel like a different person and I worry about flare ups so much less now."


"A special thank you to the Digestive Nutrition Clinic for supporting me and providing me with a specially designed diet for my IBD symptoms."



"Cooking is one of my favorite activities. I enjoy testing new recipes and experimenting with meat, fish, vegetables, herbs and spices in interesting ways. However, my unhappy belly has been a limiting factor in my exploits with cooking. The Digestive Nutrition Clinic’s website has become a source of hope for me, allowing me to both experiment with my hobby but also keep my belly happy. The website offers me quick and easy access to useful information, as well as well-designed recipes. I would say it is gourmet cooking for all but especially for people with intestinal problems. The recipes are easy to follow and carry out, use easily available ingredients, and have been enjoyed by my whole family! I also find particularly useful the nutritional information provided for each recipe. Well done Digestive Nutrition Clinic! Keep posting those recipes so we can continue to enjoy them."